Monday, December 7, 2009

Top 89 of 2009

I Voted in 89.3 The Current's Top 89 Albums of 2006

This was a fairly hard decision, and I had to leave a LOT of good tracks off the list. In some cases the song I picked is actually indicative of my feelings towards multiple tracks released by a single artist; I just picked the one I thought was my favorite.

I think I could have added ten, twenty, or even thirty more songs, from all sorts of genres and styles. Maybe later I'll do a list of my top fifty or something ambitious like that.

Anyway, here's what I picked, in no certain order:

Lily Allen | The Fear (It's Not Me, It's You)
Solid Gold | Get Over It (Bodies Of Water)
Metric | Gimme Sympathy (Fantasies)
Gossip | Heavy Cross (Music For Men)
Regina Spektor | Laughing With (Far)
Ladyhawke | Magic (Ladyhawke)
Polly Scattergood | Please Don't Touch (Polly Scattergood)
The Decemberists | The Rake's Song (The Hazards Of Love)
Bat For Lashes | Sleep Alone (Two Suns)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Zero (It's Blitz!)


  1. Is anything on that list country? Because if admin see's something country, it's like flashing a beaver at a moose, he goes batshit! Or so I've heard.

  2. No, thank god. I don't mind some alt-country kind of stuff, like Neko Case, but if you put me in a room with someone like Toby Keith, I think I might try to rip his balls off and run away and hide them, chimp-style.