Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Crystal just emailed me from her new job. It makes me happy to see her working, even if it's only for a couple weeks. Getting a job is going to be the best possible thing for her right now, I think. It's a chance to get out of the house, to use her brain on something productive instead of Maury (you're the fucking father, now fuck off), and to gain back some confidence in her own abilities. She was the administrative assistant to the vice president of IT, and she was the only one that managed to work there for almost five years. She only left the company due to her back pain from the last pregnancy; she just couldn't take sitting up at her desk for eight hours a day any longer.

She's trying to get a job back with this company again, but so far without any luck. We were in a hiring freeze for a long time, but HR recently opened up a few positions in customer service and data entry. She submitted a new application and has called a couple times, but they keep putting her off. I just emailed HR again to ask if they filled all the positions; I'm sure it will be a no-go. I think they are turned off by how much work I've been missing due to her postpartum, and I'm scared they think she would be a risky hire. She's better, honest! Give her a chance! And even if she's not 100%, having a job is going to be what turns everything around for her. I just know it.


  1. That's awesome man, and you're bang on about having a job helping to turn people around, both physically and mentally.

    Baby steps, right?