Thursday, September 3, 2009

The shame!

I haven't written anything here in much, much too long. I apologize, Mr. Internet. I'm sorry. I'm finding it difficult to make the time or energy to even clean the house or stay in a good mood, so stuff like this has taken a backseat.

I promise that once I'm feeling less stressed and we're more on track I'll find the time to write on here.

Otherwise I did make a Twitter account today, because I hate myself and finally couldn't stay away.


  1. Tsk, tsk. How dare you feel stressed!?

    In other news, I'm now following you on Twitter. :)

  2. My friends have told me if I get a Twitter they will kick my ass. One on one...I ain't scared, but there's like twenty of em.

  3. Twitter? Noooooo! I thought that was just so vapid tweens could hang on every word their celebutard of the day was willing to spew like verbal diarrhea? Don't make me come over there and sign up so I can find out...

  4. I actually really enjoy it, sadly enough.