Saturday, September 12, 2009

Om nom nom.

Oliver had his first "real" baby food last night. By which I mean the Gerber canned variety. He ate almost half a jar of pears in one go.

I just got done feeding him his breakfast now, and he ate a whole bowl of pears, rice cereal, and formula mixed together. At this rate he's not even going to be able to fit into his sister's diapers.

Speaking of which, that little jerk knows what's she's doing when she shits her pants. She doesn't tell us when she does and tries to hide when we tell her to get on the bed to get changed. She has used her potty many times, and wakes up with a dry diaper in the morning. She is just refusing to use it! If I didn't know any better I'd say it's out of spite. Make her Mommy and Daddy spend an extra $50 a month to keep her in diapers. Bah. Bah, I say.


  1. All you parents with the kid shitting in their pants problem. Haha.

  2. dude, pears are disgusting. don't feed your kid that!

  3. What the hell is wrong with pears? I love a ripe pear, the flavor is unique and delicious. Nothing else "tastes like a pear."

  4. Mmm delicious pears.

    Evey could be doing that whole "I'm the baby" thing that some kids do when a new baby comes home... Not having kids myself, I have no idea how I would handle that. So, yeah. Least helpful comment ever! Good luck with that!

  5. I think that's at least a part of it. She has moments of pretty intense jealousy. It doesn't matter who, but if one of us is playing with Oliver or making him laugh, she suddenly needs to have us play with her, too.

    I know it's just an attention thing, and she's not even three so I can't fault her for it. It just gets annoying sometimes.