Thursday, February 11, 2010

Too bad, so sad.

Somehow, in our first couple weeks living at the new apartment, we've managed to piss off the neighbors in all three other apartments. How did we manage this feat? By having our cable set up. As it turns out, one person was paying for cable and letting everyone else splice off of his. We were one of the apartments getting free cable, but we wanted an actual cable box, with a guide and on demand and all that, and we wanted our internet set up.

The first guy that came out to hook up our box made a comment about seeing all the splices when he was down fiddling with the cable, but said he wouldn't report anything. After he was done, however, we were having a lot of problems with the picture and sound cutting out. It happened all the time, and made TV practically unwatchable. So we had another tech come out to inspect, and he said it's because the signal was so weak and disrupted due to the splicing. He also said it was illegal and he'd have to cut the wires. Then, as a kick to the junk for everyone else, he put a lock on it. Dun dun dunnnn.

So because of us wanting quality television, our neighbors are now pissed off at us. The girl right downstairs came up yesterday to talk to Crystal while I was at work, and had an attitude. "Up until yesterday we all had free cable. Do you know what happened to it?" When Crystal told her that the cable guy came and "fixed" everything, she got upset. "I'm not sure if you knew, but everyone here had that free cable. The people that lived here before you had a wireless router so they could get free internet, too." Well I'm sorry, bitch, that I don't have a wireless router. Do you want to buy one for me and set it up? We also didn't know. Our landlord didn't tell us about it (but I'm sure he knew), and none of the neighbors mentioned it to us prior to having it cut off.

I'm feeling absurdly guilty, like we did something wrong, instead of just ordering and paying for TV. It cost us $120 to set all that shit up, now you're going to get an attitude with me because I wanted good TV? Well maybe you should have fucking said something! How were we supposed to know the situation? The guy right across the hall is apparently the one that did all the splicing, he couldn't have popped over and said "Hey just so you guys know we have free cable, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't call anyone so we don't get in trouble." It's ridiculous to be angry with us now. Look, I'm sorry your welfare check doesn't cover your cable bill. Maybe you should stop smoking so much weed and spend it on TV, instead. Also, you're pregnant, so maybe you should just stop smoking weed, period.

I have nothing to be sorry for, yet I feel like I'm in trouble. Maybe it's because now everyone thinks we narced on them.

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