Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great...just great.

We spent most of last night at my mother-in-law's, washing clothes. Not drying them, because her dryer sucks, but at least this way we save half the money it would cost us to both wash and dry at our apartment. It's $2.90 to wash and dry a load of clothes. So with two adults and two children, both of them prone to making giant messes, we spend a lot of money on just laundry.

When we got back to our apartment, about 10:15, there was a card from the Burnsville PD in our door. Um, shit. Crystal was being paranoid and thinking it was someone coming to serve her court papers or arrest her for some random bench warrant she didn't know she had, probably stemming from some back bills she didn't pay. I don't think she was seriously worried about this, but when her mind is flying it goes anywhere it wants. Anyway, if anyone was going to go to jail for back bills or missed court dates, it would be me; my credit is far worse and much more of a minefield.

I'm assuming the police were really there because of Sparrow, our dog. Someone probably called in a noise complaint, because she barks nonstop. She is a dachshund, a notoriously pushy and territorial breed, and she has never gotten used to living in an apartment. She barks at everything. What makes it worse is that we are directly above the garage, and right next to one of the main exits of the building. We have noise coming from everywhere, and Sparrow has to bark at all of it. When we're there it's not so bad, as we can discipline her and spray her with water. If I even stand up like I'm coming over to her she runs and hides under a table. If we're gone, however, she barks and barks. We've been using a technique that seems to work on her, where we turn off all the lights, shut the windows, and crank the air conditioning really low, so she kind of cocoons herself in some blankets and doesn't make any noise at all. That works for us too, since we love having the air on, even if it's fucking expensive to run it all the time. I'm fat, give me my air conditioning, it's worth it!

We even have a shocking bark collar for her that we tried to use, unsuccessfully. It worked really well for about a month, and then she decided that she was too fucking stubborn and was going to bark through the pain. She will bark and bark and bark with it on, to the point where she has oozing wounds on her neck that have to be just horribly painful, yet she won't stop. Needless to say, we don't use that collar anymore. Ugh.

It's to the point now where we are going to have to muzzle her. If we're getting complaints called to the police, there is really no other choice. We're not going to get rid of her, that's not an option. As much as she drives me crazy on a regular basis, I do love her, and Crystal would rather move out and find a new place than give up her dog.

God dammit Sparrow, you inbred retard.

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